Cooperation can be complex;
our job is to make it easier.

Programmes supporting MRS

Four Interreg transnational programmes provide dedicated supporting to EU macro-regional strategies (MRS). Interact supports the exchange of practices and approaches among these programmes. 

The network of the programmes allows for joint discussion and development of suggestions and proposals for further improvements to the MRS support provided by the programmes.

Who this network is for

This work specifically targets the unique challenges of the four transnational programmes supporting MRS governance and implementation stakeholders.

What we are working on

In our events in 2024, we will be focusing on identifying challenges and opportunities for Interreg transnational programmes when supporting MRS governance and implementation in Post 2027.

Furthermore, a session at the Interreg Knowledge Fair will explore the how MRS and SBS (Sea Basin Strategies) offer a framework for achieving more change in the territories, as well as a chance to focus on the challenges to involve in these frameworks for Interreg. Any regulatory issues that should be addressed as part of the reflection on the Post 2027 environment will be noted.


For more information please contact Baiba Liepa.

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