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Project reporting, monitoring and closing

As soon as the decision is taken by the Monitoring committee and conditions are fulfilled, project starts its implementation. And here it is very important for the programme to start initial communication as soon as possible to establish trust, to know better the project and define risks, to agree on communication network, provide support and start monitoring.

Project monitoring is the systematic tracking and assessment of project progress and outcomes to ensure that individual projects are effectively contributing to the objectives of the programme. The collected information (from project reports and proactive monitoring) is beneficial both for the project (accurate and up-to-date feedback to project) and the programme (overall programme implementation performance, financial flow and strategic considerations).  

Project Reporting is important part of the monitoring and is based on HIT reporting package.

Once the project activities are complete and the outputs are delivered, the partnership has final additional tasks to complete the project. The project and the programme should reflect on the results and the lessons learned.

It is expected that projects deliver a lasting impact. For some projects, there is a requirement after closure to continue monitoring to ensure the sustainability and durability of the project.

Where to start

Certified training on "Interreg project assessment, monitoring and verification" is available in the Interact Academy. Information about new cohort is published in our News section, and sent out via our Newsflash.

Guidance to the closure of projects is finalised as part of the HIT package for 2021-2027.

The main aim of the project support, communication with project and monitoring – to ensure good quality project results. If want to facilitate this, check for some ideas in the report from the Interact workshops on Raising Project Quality (2017).

If you have specific needs for the exchange among programmes and support on project implementation, reporting, monitoring, project modifications and closure, please reach out to the contact person.  

What we are working on

We are working on the online event aimed to delve into effective strategies supporting projects during their startup phase, monitoring, and identifying opportunities for streamlining change management at the end of 2024.


For more information please contact Monika Balode.

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