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Programme communication capacity

Modern communication tools, and the skills to use them well makes a huge difference in the effectiveness of communication campaigns. In a rapidly changing sector, Interact aims to support those working in Interreg with both the tools and the skills needed to communicate their programme achievements. Interact has also identified areas of interest, including free-to-use design tools, as well as the incoming game-changing generation of AI tools.

Good communication techniques are important not just for communication officers, but for everyone working in Interreg. From using plain language to be better understood, storytelling techniques to hook your audience and more.

The work under this theme is particularly achieved through the ICON (Interreg Communication Officers Networks) and focusses on topical trainings. Previous trainings from Interact have included Essentials of Graphic Design, effective Storytelling, using AI as well as how to write copy for journalists.

On top of these trainings, Interact offers both short courses and certified trainings through the Academy. In addition, the Commission organised INFORM EU network also a number of trainings, all of which can be found below. Of course, this work is part of a package of activities coordinated to support primarily communication officers, but also colleagues with other specialisms who also take on communication challenges. 

Where to start

Linked below are a series of trainings and resources which can support you. It is also strongly encouraged that the communication officers of every Interreg programme join ICON, the Interreg Communication Officers Network, where (among other things), the annual training is organised.

We also offer various certified trainings and short courses on key skills for communication officers in the Interact Academy.

What we are working on

The annual ICON meeting is planned for late 2024, and is planned to focus on creating well written content designed for websites and social media. In addition, certified training courses for video making and storytelling will take place during the year.

At the Interreg Knowledge Fair, we exchanged on 'The ten elements that make a web story worth-reading', the report is available here.

An event in late spring will connect Capitalisation and Communication (CAP COM), which aims to showcase successful practices in these fields.

A webinar in April/May on 'How to write a good article?'. This session is addressed to IVY volunteers writing for the magazine 'Stories of European Cooperation' but it can be open for other participants upon request.  

A new toolkit, the Project Communication Toolkit is planned for late spring, to help programmes get their beneficiaries communication into shape quicker. Building on an exchange of practice from the Interreg Knowledge Fair in 2023, this toolkit collects best practices from a number of programmes, including the Interreg programme toolkit previously developed by Interact.

A new project will seek to build a significant collection of stock Interreg photography, combining high quality photos from programmes, along with AI generated photos covering key topics and common keywords in Interreg work. While all AI generated images will be clearly identified as generated by AI, the combined library will be offered to programmes royalty-free to support their work. 


For more information please contact Nebojsa Nikolic.

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Exchange Community

Interact offers an online space for those working in Interreg Communication to share information and exchange. If you would like to learn more about this, please contact Nebojsa Nikolic.

If you are already a member of the Community, you can access it here.