Cooperation can be complex;
our job is to make it easier.

Contact us

If you don't know who to contact, reach out to us on communication[at} Please also let us know if you can't find something you are looking for, or there are any broken links on the website.

You can check out our team, and use the filters to find people who can support you. Additionally, each content page of the website has a designated contact person. 

Do you have a need that Interact can help you with? 

Interact provides services to support Interreg and other cooperation actors. Our interventions should be bespoke, relevant and timely. 

You can help us ensure our services meet your needs by telling us more about how we can support you. This form offers you the opportunity to contribute to the next discussion of the Interact work plan. Submissions are reviewed on a monthly basis and incorporated in a workplan discussion biannually (April and September). 

For more immediate needs, please reach out to an Interact colleague, or contact the Communication team.