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Project life cycle

To ensure that Interreg programmes fund projects that are effective and align with their strategic goals, a well-defined project life cycle is employed. 

This life cycle encompasses several critical steps: project generation, selection, contracting, funding, and monitoring, each playing a vital role in the overall success and sustainability of the projects. 

Before these steps, which are actually part of the programme life cycle, comes the generation of project ideas where potential beneficiaries are working on the intervention logic. between their project idea and the prorgramme

Where to start

Two certified trainings are being developed within the Interact Academy. The first focuses on Interreg project management. The second covers Interreg project assessment, monitoring and verification.

What are we working on

In addition to the above certified trainings, discussions on project management will take place in other Interact events. 

These events will be added here in due course.


For more information please contact Lamprini Tsoli.

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Additional resources

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