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Interreg IPA

IPA stands for Pre-Accession Assistance and is an European Union financial instrument which has supported candidate countries in preparation for their accession to the EU. 

For the 2021-2027 period, Interreg IPA programmes have a combined allocation of 1.2 billion Euros from ERDF and IPA funds. 

Ten Interreg IPA programmes work on a cross border basis, and promote cooperation between EU Member States and candidate countries. They work to reduce socioeconomic disparities, stimulate economic growth, and create a more interconnected Europe.

In addition, 3 Interreg transnational and 3 Interreg interregional programmes benefit from IPA funds to further support the EU candidate countries in their path to membership.

Who this network is for

This work is aimed at the Interreg IPA programmes and managing bodies. Interact's work is limited to Interreg IPA, and does not cover IPA-IPA cooperation which is supported by CBIB+.

What we are working on

A meeting in the summer aims to establish an exchange mechanism with Interreg IPA managaging authorities, to strengthen cooperation amongst Interreg IPA programmes. 

The Index tool will set up and initiate an Interreg IPA pilot, to support the exchange of information and promote synergies and cooperation actions between programmes.

An online space for IPA CBC communication officers will enable the exchange of unique challenges, and enable cooperation in the communication of Interreg IPA.


For more information please contact Besiana Ninka.

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Exchange Community

Interact offers an online space for Interreg IPA programmes to share information and exchange. If you would like to learn more about this, please contact Besiana Ninka.

If you are already a member of the Community, you can access it here.