Cooperation can be complex;
our job is to make it easier.

Calls for proposals

The foundations of a project are the idea, the solution to the challenges it is proposing, and the partners who will bring forward this idea. 

You can only find both of these with effective outreach to find and encourage project ideas to come forward. 

New ideas and new partners are particularly welcome to Interreg. Of course, entry into Interreg can be quite challenging, even though harmonisation and simplification of programme practices has lowered the entry threshold. New vocabulary as well as new requirements pose challenges to those new to Interreg.

Interreg also seeks to build on the results of past projects, called capitalisation, which seeks to take forward and build on past successes.

Where to start

To get new ideas and new partners on board, you have to think about your communication and outreach activities and how to support existing partners in finding new ones. One such entry can be small scale projects or small projects in an SPF.

Some of the challenges of building a project in Interreg, versus other organisations, are highlighted in this video. 

Interact is also aware of a number of programmes who offer exchange platforms for project partners, anyone interested in learning more about these platforms is welcome to get in touch with us so we can connect you.

What we are working on

Interact is currently working on building the relationships between programmes, citizens and civic society. More work on calls, especially targeted calls, will include consideration of how to find and bring in new partners.


For more information please contact Robert Mazurkiewicz.

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