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Monitoring systems

The requirement to introduce eMonitoring systems formalised the digital basis of Interreg, and while not ending the importance of paper itself, now monitoring and reporting is almost exclusively done through dedicated systems.

These systems are either created, bespoke, by Interreg programmes, national monitoring systems adapted for Interreg, or the Interact developed Jems software.

For all such solutions, Interact offers the Jems source code and logic to ensure good monitoring systems, regardless of whose system is used.

Furthermore, Interact supports the exchange of information and solutions within the Interreg community, including to exchange on the different monitoring systems active in this period. 

Where to start

The monitoring system network exchanges information and has online meetings to update on the development and implementation of monitoring systems in Interreg. You can find out more about Interact's free-license software Jems, devoted to Jems, which includes details of the Jems portal.

What we are working on

Interact is developing an exchange platform for those working with monitoring systems and following the implementation closely.


For more information please contact Pieter Louwers.

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