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Programme evaluation and indicators

The evaluation of programmes particularly focuses on three distinct parts of programme activities:

  • Monitoring is the collection of information and data, to measure change over time.
  • Evaluating, is about analysing the effectiveness and direction of an activity.
  • Reporting, is focused on providing required data to bodies.

Combined, strong monitoring, evaluating and reporting collects good data, ensures the accountability and effectiveness of the programme and its projects.

Where to start

Certified training Evaluation foundations is open for enrolement and takes place in January 2024. Further cohorts could be created if interest is strong enough.

The Evaluation plan briefing document sets out the core requirements of the evaluation plan.

This was further expanded upon in a Q&A with the Commission 

What we are working on

A certified training on evaluation offers an entry point in Evaluation foundations, and a more in-depth look in the forthcoming Evaluation practitioners training.

A session at the Interreg Knowledge Fair will explore the Methodology paper, setting out the programme indicators. This session will particularly consider the point at which amendments to the documents are required.

A further session at the Interreg Knowledge Fair will build on current experiences and look to the future of common indicators which have been a significant success in 2021-2027.

Interact is also exploring an approach to highlight the added value of cooperation, by using shared Evaluation approaches to encourage programmes to work together, to better capture the contribution of Interreg to given challenges.

The topic of evaluation continues to engage with Capitalisation and Communication to build on the results and learn lessons to improve future evaluations. 


For more information please contact Daniela Minichberger.

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Exchange Community

Interact offers an online space on the topic of Results and Evaluation, where people working in this field can to share information and exchange. If you would like to learn more about this, please contact Daniela Minichberger.

If you are already a member of the Community, you can access it here.

Working Group

Interact has a Working group on indicators, which supports exchange between Interreg programmes and the Commission on the common indicators, and application of them in an Interreg context.