Cooperation can be complex;
our job is to make it easier.


The programmes procedures are usually set out in key documents, these include the Interreg programme document, the management and control document, and the Monitoring Committee rules of procedures.

Interact supports the exchange of experience and practices of these procedures through its activities. These exchanges are focused on the specific aspect of programme management.

Where to start

An Interreg programme's own documents should set out its own procedures, and are required to be available on the programmes website.

For interventions which explore the procedures and operations of other programmes, please see the other relevant sections of the website such as Setting up calls, Selection, Programme evaluation and indicators, Communication rules and OSIs, Closing programmes 2014-20 and more.

You should also contact the relevant Interact colleague working on such interventions if you wish for more information or to see how to further exchange with other programmes on specific procedures.

What we are working on

Certified trainings which will provide an introduction to Interreg and to Interreg programmes is under construction and will provide a useful overview. 


For more information please contact Robert Mazurkiewicz.

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