Cooperation can be complex;
our job is to make it easier.

Networks and communities

Interact offers a number of exchange opportunities for those working in cooperation. In addition to events, Interact offers online spaces where programmes can exchange. These communities were created to support the 2014-2020 programme period, and are due to be replaced at the end of 2024, or in early 2025.

These 'Communities' (sometimes referred to as networks) offer those working in cooperation a means to ask each other, or Interact, questions, to share best practice and to co-edit files together. As the communities have such features, one must first be a member of the community in order to access it. 

The full list of Communities is set out below, along with links and a contact person. If you are not a member of a Community already, you will first need to ask the contact person to add you. All communities are also set out on the relevant pages of our website to navigate you to the most useful exchange point. 

If you have any general questions about our Communities, please contact the communication[at]

Programme content focused communities

Interact's geographical and strand-based communities offer more general exchange points between programmes. You can find these pages from the top menu, or by clicking this link

In addition, Interact has direct support for external cooperation, providing a network for Interreg IPA (listed below), supporting TESIM's networks for NEXT and providing more direct support for Outermost regions (OMR).   

Interact offers the following Communities for further exchange on content-focused issues

Communication focused communities

The following Communities are offered for communication specialists, or to support the shared visibility of Interreg. The ICON community acts as a main gathering space for all programme communication officers and questions. 

Interact seeks to also complement the Commission organised InformEU network. 

Parent Community

Additional Communities 

Finance based Communities

Interact offers a number of specialists financial exchange, alongside a single parent community for general or cross-cutting financial matters.

Parent Community

Additional communities    

Monitoring systems and Jems

The following Communities specifically focus on Monitoring Systems, or relate to the development of the Community-based monitoring software Jems.