Cooperation can be complex;
our job is to make it easier.

Strategic operations

Interact has a number of key tools and services that define the programme, and its contribution. In the 2021-2027 period these services are often referred to as Operations of Strategic Importance (OSI). 

Interact defines it's OSIs as the tools it develops to promote Harmonisation and Simplification (HIT, Jems, Index, Interact Academy) as well as tools that promote the achievement of Interreg (, In addition, other special formats of activities, such as the Interreg Knowledge Fair are detailed below. 

You can find more information about each tool on the links below.   

HIT logo

Harmonised Implementation Tools

HIT stands for Harmonised Implementation Tools. These tools are the harmonised, best-practice templates and tools for Interreg programmes.

HIT is the harmonised and simplified approach to programme management and covers the full life-cycle of projects, from template application forms, to project closure reports.

Find out more about HIT here.

Jems logo

Joint Electronic Monitoring System

The Joint Electronic Monitoring System, or Jems, is the harmonised monitoring and reporting software for Interreg developed by Interact. It is available on a free-license basis. Programmes can take Jems ‘as is’, or they can customize to their needs. 

52 license agreements have been signed to use Jems in 2021-2027, meaning it supports the monitoring of most programmes in the current period.

FInd out more about Jems here.


Interact Academy

The Interact Academy offers certified trainings and short courses designed specifically for Interreg. These learning interventions aim to quickly equip Interreg programme managers with enhanced skills and knowledge – enabling them to be more confident and efficient in their roles.

The basis of a certified training is a cohort of around 25 people. These participants learn together, helping participants to build their own network of like-minded professionals at a similar stage of their careers.

Find out more about the Academy here.

Index logo

Interreg Data Exchange

Index enables programmes using HIT to exchange data earlier in the process than is otherwise possible – as it focuses on application stage data.

By sharing data this way, programmes are able to see how other programmes are tackling shared challenges. They can spot potentials for synergies and cooperation, and facilitate joint actions for events and partner searches within their shared territory.

Find out more about Index here.

Knowledge Fair

Interreg Knowledge Fair

The Interreg Knowledge Fair is a methodology used by Interact to enable programmes to exchange information and practices. The first knowledge fair held in May 2023 focused on the Project life cycle, at the start of the programme period. 

The second edition took place in Riga, Latvia, on 5 - 7 March 2024. It had a specific focus on Interreg and the Post 2027 context. More information is available on the event page.