Cooperation can be complex;
our job is to make it easier.


Partnerships are the foundations of Interreg. A strong partnership is vital to the success of a programme, and this page specifically looks at partnerships within the programme structure.

The Code of conduct for partnership sets out the basic principles and obligations for a wider partnership, which applies in Interreg as well as in wider EU funding. 

Interact promotes and takes forward interventions to explore partnership models in Interreg, and to strengthen partnerships between existing, and with new stakeholders.

Of course, cooperation projects also need partnerships to apply for funding. For project partnerships please see our Calls for proposals page.

Where to start

The Code of conduct for partnerships is the core document on this subject.

The partnership between programmes and civic society is a key part of a report by Interact into building partnerships to support the set up and operation of the programme. This document will be published shortly. 

What we are working on

Interact has produced a report on the engagement of civil society in Interreg, which provides insights into how programmes currently engage citizens and civic society, and explores feasible approaches to strengthen this engagement.

We will present and explore this report more at the Interreg Knowledge Fair in March 2024.


For more information please contact Besiana Ninka.

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